API Documentation

API documentation and integration guides

Information for developers to integrate with our API's can be found in the following set of pages.
To get access to a sandbox account and test out the integration please get in touch.

Paythru Enterprise API

The Paythru Enterprise API allows you to generate checkout tokens from your own server using Paythru's HTTP web service. Payment pages are fully hosted within Paythru's PCI compliant environment.

The latest version of the Enterprise API is version 5.

View documentation Merchant PCI Compliance*: SAQ-A
Download SAQ-A

Paythru Client POST API

The Paythru Client POST API enables merchants to host the entire checkout experience themselves with lowered PCI DSS compliance obligations.
The latest version of the Client POST API is version 3.

View documentation Merchant PCI Compliance*: SAQ-A EP
Download SAQ-A EP

You can further lower your PCI obligations when using the Client POST API by making use of our Remote Fields implementation. Download documentation
Merchant PCI Compliance*: SAQ-A
Download SAQ-A

Paythru Card Tokenisation API

The Paythru Card Tokenisation enables merchants to provide storage of their customer's payment cards, and can be used in conjunction with the Client POST API.
The latest version of the Card Tokenisation API is version 3.

Paythru Gateway API

The Paythru Gateway API is a web service accepting direct requests to conduct transactions using payment cards and tokenised payment cards. Card data collected via the Client POST API is processed using the Gateway API.
The latest version of the Gateway API is version 3.

Direct card data methods of the Gateway API will require PCI SAQ-D or higher

* Levels of PCI compliance are provided here as guidelines of the minimum requirement to use these API's. Your actual compliance obligations are dictated by your complete suite of card handling operations, if in doubt consult with your acquirer


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Integrating Paythru's payment services into your website or app will usually require the use one of our APIs. Let us help you pick the one that's right for you...

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Hosted payment pages

Paythru's hosted payment services take the headache out of payment. Not only do they save you development effort, but also reduce your PCI DSS compliance obligations. Choose from our standard pages, bespoke pages and a lot more besides..

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Callback notifications

Integrate with Paythru's callback notifications and benefit from real-time updates to your IT systems whenever your customers make payments.

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Card storage and tokenisation

Paythru offer secure storage of your customer's debit and credit card details resulting in a faster checkout experiences and enabling repeat card payments to be made when the customer is offline.

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Accepting payments in mobile applications

Paythru's Hosted Payment pages may also be used in mobile applications. Here's a guide to find out how.

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