Brits going mobile for shopping deals on the go


This article from Intela not only shows the growing uptake for mcommerce but also confirms that a large proportion of consumers would be happy to make purchases of over £100. This is really encouraging to know as it means transacting over the mobile is something people feel more comfortable to do, however, will the fragmented mobile payment market (wallets, NFC, apps etc) jeopardise this?

Many of these mobile payment methods do have their limitations, for example this could continue to put a question mark next to the future of NFC as this is really only intended for low-cost purchases and requires the customer to be present within the store. NFC may have its place but is it the future of mobile payments!? We have to remember to take consumer trends into consideration - what do they want from mobile/ what are they demanding. Mobile payments shouldn't involve changing customer behaviour or payment methods but providing the best user experience possible to encourage repeat purchases.