Mastercard in South Africa launches Masterpass


Mastercard in South Africa, in collaboration with Standard Bank has launched Masterpass.

This is the first launch of Masterpass in the Middle East and Africa region. Paythru's client, TAKEALOT, was one of the three launch partners.

Masterpass enables consumers to make convenient, simple, fast and secure digital payments. The service stores all their MasterCard or other branded credit, debit or cheque card information, shipping and billing address details securely in one place. This gives them the ability to make secure online payments without the repeated hassle of entering these details each time. To facilitate TAKEALOT's use of Masterpass, Paythru has added Masterpass as an option to pay in our payment gateway and is now able to offer this facility to our other clients.

MasterPass also accepts selected PIN-based debit cards such as Maestro, enabling millions of South Africans to make secure online purchases using their PIN-based debit cards via Oltio’s PIN authentication service. Paythru's integration manages the payments and authentication aspects of checkout on our clients’ behalf while the use of Paythru’s platform remains invisible to the consumer.

By selecting “Buy with MasterPass” as the payment option at checkout, consumers reduce the risk of exposing their personal information over potentially unsafe networks, assuring them of a safe and secure transaction. The digital wallet does not share shoppers’ details directly with merchants so consumers have additional privacy.


MasterPass South Africa launch event (click here to visit the Masterpass site)

Generic Masterpass video featuring what we have launched in South Africa with our client Takealot