Paythru's clients come top at Awards


On Thursday 4th September the awards for South Africa’s favourite ecommerce sites was announced.

The awards are based on a survey of South African consumers – 116,000 respondents gave their views.

Paythru is delighted to see how well our South African clients fared during the awards. In 4 categories (South Africa's Favourite eCommerce Website, Best eCommerce Store, Best Shopping Process, Best Customer Service) Paythru’s clients took two of the top three places. The full list is here: The top online shopping site in SA.

The payments landscape in South Africa is more diverse than in many countries. Paythru offers the following payment types for ecommerce transactions in South Africa:

• Credit and debit card payments (with and without 3D Secure authentication);
• Payments authenticated via the Masterpass wallet;
• Payments by bank to bank Electronic Funds Transfer; and
• Authenticated Mobile Transactions (via PayD).

Designing slick user journeys for these payment types, for both PCs and mobile devices, and integrating them successfully into our clients’ checkout journeys, is a key part of the service we offer. High quality user interface design is a key factor in minimizing cart abandonment rates so we are particularly pleased to see our clients doing well in the Best Shopping Process category.
So, congratulations to, Groupon and Zando. Paythru hopes its innovation in payments will continue to support these clients for many years to come.