Paythru High 5 – it’s our 5th Anniversary!

Offering exceptional pricing


We’ve invested heavily over the past 18 months to create a highly resilient, scalable and enhanced platform, which has many improved features for merchants.

These include:

• Insight – real time management information portal providing you with your customer, transaction and payment data enabling you to build your customer database/CRM
• PCI-DSS Level 1 – we provide PCI-DSS de-scoping for you for rapid implementation
• Terminal Management – you can add, edit and delete your merchant accounts = ‘self board’
• Smart Routing – our platform is ready for the Payment Service Directive 2015 – we provide you with the ability to route transactions by acquirer, payment method or value
• Tokenisation – we securely store card details so your customers don’t have to enter them for each transaction

We have a choice of API’s
• Gateway API*
• Client POST API**
• Enterprise API***

We can offer exceptional pricing – Contact Vicki Robbins, Director of Sales, for further details
T: +44 1494 415161
S: vicki.robbins.paythru

*Direct API solution (Gateway API)
Paythru’s Gateway API is used by merchants who wish to host the entire customer facing payment interface themselves. The merchant is required to capture the payment details from the customer in a secure manner before submitting to the Paythru Gateway API for processing. For card payments, the merchant is therefore required to be certified to the appropriate level of PCI DSS compliance

**Merchant hosted solution (Client POST API)
Paythru’s Client POST API is a hybrid solution as it enables the merchant to host the entire checkout experience themselves yet without becoming exposed to the card data. It is therefore suited to applications where the merchant wishes to build and host the user interface whilst also maintaining minimal PCI compliance obligations.

***Hosted Payment Page solution (Enterprise API)
Paythru’s Enterprise API is used by merchants who wish to redirect their customers to a payment interface hosted by Paythru to achieve a fast integration and minimal PCI compliance obligations. The merchant supplies details of the items to be purchased and Paythru respond with a URL to redirect the customer to. After completing payment (or aborting payment), Paythru redirect the customer back to a URL nominated by the merchant.