Who's leading who?

04/03/2015 by Keith Brown, Managing Director

If 2015 is the breakthrough year for mobile payments is Apple leading the way?

I was reminded of 2 famous quotes this morning - the famous US Baseball player and coach, Yogi Berra's "it's like deja vu, all over again" and Casey Stengel's "Never make predictions especially about the future" - when I read the FT article predicting that 2015 will be "if not a breakthrough year – then at least a year of substantial progress" for mobile payments.

It goes on to say that the key event was the launch of ApplePay.

Whilst I go along with the effect I'm not so sure about the cause, particularly in the UK. ApplePay isn't here yet but there's no doubting the effect it's brand and product excellence have on behaviour – the thing is ApplePay is not a new or particularly innovative concept.

I think the more significant indicators can be found in Deloittes excellent paper "Digital Influences in UK Retail" - consumers are already hugely engaged with their mobile devices in the bricks and mortar shopping experience and this is only going to increase through a range of engagement services and information, as well as payments. Price and availability checking, reviews, coupons, loyalty, navigation etc. Maybe it's Apple getting onto the bandwagon for once.